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  •   Mark M. Scott
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  •   Conflict Roleplaying
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  •   03/20/2010
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  •   Boxed Set
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  •   English
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Conflict Skirmishing RPG Boxed Set

Conflict RPG is team-based, player vs player roleplaying.

Most RPGs involve groups of players pitted against a challenge orchestrated by a GM, but there are times when that guy on the other side of the game table… man, you just want to slap the overconfident grin off his stupid mug....

If you want player vs player competition—if you're looking for a chess match that pits your wits against real-world prey—you want Conflict Skirmishing!

Conflict® is a table-top roleplaying game focused on tactical combat versus other teams of players. Driving the combat are clearly defined objectives and your team will to win.Compatible with the Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook™ an most OGL 3.5 gaming systems.

July's Reprint now includes all Errata and Clarifications! Plus:
  • A 122-page Conflict Roleplaying Rulebook Preview
  • Keeper's Keep Battlemap (24" by 26" full color) Preview
  • Transparent Spell Area of Effect Cutouts Preview! (10 templates)
  • Map Counters Preview! (5 pages)
  • Passcards Pack Preview! (6-10 pages)

Keeper's Keep Battlemap: (Included)

The Battlemaps are printed in full color single sided on 100# Text Stock with High-Gloss U.V. Coating.

Full Color, One Side

  • Finished Size: 24" x 36"
  • Printed on 100# Text Stock (30% PCW /FSC Certified Recycled)
  • Includes free High-Gloss U.V. Coating
  • Fade-resistant Inks
This miniatures battle map is symmetric balance to provide incredible strategic combat. Each in-scale structure is well-thought out and strategically situated to add different tactical dimensions to each Conflict Match or gaming session. Though designed exclusively for the Conflict Roleplaying System, this map is versatile enough to be used with any roleplaying system that uses the standard 1 inch miniature grid (i.e., 3.5, 4e D&D, Pathfinder).

This map was designed at high resolution levels and is impressively clear. Providing a realistic three dimensional feel.

Top, bottom, and side coordinates are include for the use of Passcards (Conflict Hidden Movement System). The coordinates are easy-to-read and easy-to-follow map points to add to the accuracy of your player's moves. A must have for all GMs (if we may say so ourselves! :)

Using the standard 1 inch miniature grid formation, the map is printed with the gridlines or can be downloaded without gridlines.

Playtested for the Conflict Roleplaying Game, this map has logged over 200 Hours of playtesting time.

So tactically speaking—the map flat out works!

Conflict Roleplaying Rulebook (Included)

This RPG system is uniquely designed for competitive, team vs. team roleplaying which includes:

Passcards™ —Double-sided 8x11 templates to adjudicate player character's hidden movements and actions.

Pre-generated characters and teams for immediate play with easy to modify stat blocks for each character.

The Battlepoint System™A simple calculation for ensuring game balance among characters and levels.

Match Types™—Different objectives, challenges or scenarios that make each match surprisingly unique.

Map Elements™— Magical devices that you place before the match to hinder opposing teams or enhance your own teammates.

Conflict Laws™—Universal rules that dictate character environmental handicaps, player interactions and classes.

Team Feats™New Feats that grant bonus and special abilities to teammates when they compete together.

•A list of enemy taunts and battlecries. Handy combat charts for easy reference and even a list of funny team names for your group.

Passcards (Included)

PassCards® are the key to privatly communicating between individual players and the GM in a Conflict® game. During the setup time for a match, your PassCard® provides you the space you need to provide your GM with basic facts about your character, such as your saves, armor class, and so on. This information helps your GM when he needs to make decisions about certain actions, such as if one of your enemies attempts to cast dominate person on you without your knowledge.
    And even more stuff included:
  • Transparent Spell Area of Effect Cutouts Preview! (10 templates)
  • Map Counters Preview! (5 pages)

Map Elements Counters (Included)

Five pages of heavy cardstock-mounted, full-color counters. Both Large sized and medium sized counters are included. In Conflict RPG, Map Elements are magical objects players can purchase and place strategically on the map. These counters are used to clearly illustrate the locations and type of Map Element in play.
The following Counters are included.
  • 20x20 Hallow (x1)
  • 10x10 Fog Plates Greater(x4)
  • 5x5 Shield Plates Lesser (x5)
  • 5x5Fog Plates Lesser(x5)
  • 5x5 Guillotine Plates Lesser (x4)
  • 5x5 Guillotine Plates Greater (x5)
  • 10x10 Shatter Plates (x4)
  • 10x10 Slip Plates (x4)
  • 5x5 PODs (x15)
  • 10x10 Statue of Life (x4)
  • 10x10 Teleportation Plates (x4)
  • 10x10 Shatter Plates (x4)
  • 10x10 Hallow (x4)
  • 5x5 Rusty the Rust Monster Lesser (x5)
  • 10x10 Rusty the Rust Monster Greater (x4)
  • 10x10 Hallow (x4)

Copyright © Pathfinder and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Publishing, LLC, and are used under license. See more information on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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